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How to get Turkish Citizenship by Investment

In 2017 the Turkish government launched its investment program targeting foreign entrepreneurs. This program allows any foreign nationals to buy a property or bring capital according to a set criteria and regulations giving people the opportunity to gain Turkish citizenship. When the program was reviewed by government in 2018, the conditions of investment were lowered which made this citizenship project the most attractive in the world.

How you can get Turkish Citizenship

  • Purchase single or multiple properties with a minimum value of $250,000* *You must keep title deed of property for at least 3 years
    * Permanent residence is not required
  • Deposit a minimum of $500,000 in a Turkish bank*
    *Withdrawal not permitted during minimum 3 years
  • Purchase government bonds with a minimum value of $500,000
    *Selling the bonds is not permitted during minimum 3 years
  • Make fixed-asset business worth $500,000
  • Employ 50 Turkish nationals in your company in Turkey

Formalities for Turkish Citizenship Application by investment:

  1. Get a Tax Number from a tax office in Turkey
  2. Open an account in Turkish bank
    *Passport, Tax Number and proof of residency like public utility bill showing current address are required.
  3. Make an investment
    *Transactions only via bank transfer (bank receipts have to be presented for application). *Obtain a real estate title deed and/or notarised sales agreement with annotation “not to be sold for 3 years”
  4. Turkish Residency application
    You can apply for Turkish citizenship immediately after you have obtained your residence permit. During the application process, no physical presence or interview is required.

Key facts about Turkish Citizenship by Investment

  • All foreign citizens can apply for Turkish Citizenship and Turkish passport
  • Program is also an option for stateless persons* document confirming statelessness issued by UN required
  • Citizenship by investment program includes purchasing a home, rental properties, commercial real estate, building and/or land 
    *excluding locations in military zone
  • Minimum investment period is 3 years
  • After 3 years of investment period you can sell your property
  • Investor’s wife as well as children under 18 years old will also become Turkish Citizens
    *investor’s mother, father or children above 18 years old cannot make an application
  • Children born after gaining the citizenship will be also granted the Turkish Citizenship
  • Permanent residence permit is not required
  • Not necessary to come with all family members to make an application
  • To accelerate the procedure, the government opened a special office, in total it takes about 45-60 days to get the citizenship
  • Citizenship is lifetime granted
  • As Turkish citizen you may travel to other 102 countries where visa-free regulations apply
  • No language test nor interview required
  • In Turkey, double or multiple citizenship is allowed however check your country regulations
    *Some countries don’t allow double citizenship or apply some restrictions
  • After purchasing the property Transfer Tax and Value Added Tax payments are obligatory
  • Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation accepts only reports from sworn valuer
  • More than one property can be purchased, total value required is $ 250,000
    *Title deed process should be started on the same day
  • Properties purchased only after 18.09.2018 to be considered within this regulation
  • The exchange rate is verified by Tapu Office on the application date and calculated according to Turkish Central Bank’s rate